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The textile environmental labelling is for tomorrow, be ready.

The anti-waste and circular economy law will introduce environmental labeling for textile products. Currently still in the experimental phase, this display will be made compulsory and applied primarily to the textile clothing sector.

Three parameters should be taken into account in the calculation of this environmental rating: greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and eutrophication (excessive inputs of nitrates and phosphates in soil and water). At European level, 14 indicators will have to be provided to be compliant with the next regulatory framework.

By implementing our solution today, you are preparing for the regulatory framework of tomorrow.

An analysis over the entire life cycle

We analyze your products, your company, across the entire value chain, from your supply of raw materials to the end of life of your products.

Our strength

Depending on the country of origin of your raw materials, the environmental impact is different: for cotton cultivation, for example, the needs for water, phytosanitary products and cultivated area can vary from 1 to 4.

Space data allows us to contextualize their impacts for more accuracy.


Compare your products and raw materials at a glance

Our Footprint target software package allows you to quickly identify which products need improvement and which environmental impact categories are the most problematic. You can then prioritize your actions based on your sales volumes.


Improve your impact from the design of your products with our simulator

Thanks to the simulator integrated in our Footprint Target software package, you can improve the impact of your products even before launching their production. Simulate and compare, for example, your choice of raw materials according to their place of origin or their label.

“What immediately interested me was the possibility of having a complete reading of the real impact of our activity at all levels, and of finding levers for action to gradually transform our way of working, taking into account price and efficiency constraints. This visibility and these answers, we did not have them until now.”


CEO, Gilclaude


Centric Software

Centric Software, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, is a global specialist in PLM (product life cycle management).

Centric Software and Green Score Capital are partners to offer fashion and luxury players a solution combining the power of Centric 8 PLM and the 360° vision of Footprint target, in order to help the sector to integrate CSR imperatives more easily.

“Our first goal is to support players in the fashion and luxury sector in accelerating their eco-responsible transition, and in meeting the compliance requirements of current and future regulations and to allow brands and manufacturers to communicate on their progress. Faced with a subject as complicated as the environment, companies need operational and intuitive answers. I look forward to this meaningful and value-added partnership for our customers, for the fashion and textile industry and for society as a whole,” commented Chris Groves, CEO of Centric Software. “It represents a significant step forward in supporting companies towards eco-responsibility; a commitment we have been working on for a long time.”


CEO, Centric Software

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