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Progiciel plant matter.

By helping you to better qualify your agricultural upstream, we can help you make the right choices about your plant materials.

By qualifying the production area, we can better identify the impacts on your agricultural upstream

55% of global GDP, or $41.7 trillion, depends on high functioning biodiversity and ecosystem services. Today, a fifth of the countries in the world could see their ecosystem collapse from the decline of biodiversity. *Rapport Swiss Re – Sept 2020

We analyze your impacts based on the 5 causes of biodiversity loss:


  • Habitat degradation (surface, impact on connectivity, deforestation)
  • Overexploitation of resources (water, fossils and minerals)
  • Climate change (GHG)
  • Pollution (air, soil, fresh and marine water, …)
  • Invasive species and diseases (assessment of the risks of introduction and diseases)


Compare your raw materials at a glance.

Our Footprint target software package allows you to quickly identify which raw material need improvement and which environmental impact categories are the most problematic. You can then prioritize your actions based on your purchase volumes.

Our strength

We use space data to contextualize impacts for more accuracy.

Depending on their country of origin, their region, the environmental impact of your raw materials will be different: the parameters related to the needs of the plant itself to grow as well as the associated agricultural practices can vary significantly.

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In the environment, everything is interdependent. Opt for the first solution that assesses all your impacts and move from monitoring to action.

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